The Vitty Gummies are the easiest, most “fun” way of taking ones vitamins and meeting daily nutrition supplement needs.
These have certainly been formulated to pack in more nutrition than other brands that are available.

I do not have to remind my daughter twice to eat her Kids Vitty Maxx as well !
Being in the Physiotherapy business we see the need for good nutrition and good bone health which these gummies provide, we recommend Vitty to all our patients.

Nupur NathPartner & CEO, Prohealth Asia

I had ordered 2 bottles of Vitty Adult. I must compliment you for a great product. It was an instant hit in my family and my son who is absolutely choosy, just loved it. He always loved Gummy Bears so it worked well for him. I am going to place order again.

Ram RathoreChief Executive Officer, Rambagh Palace Hotel Pvt Ltd

Having Vitty Prime daily improved the energy levels. Generally by 3 pm used to lose steam due to morning workouts with a hectic schedule in the first half of the work. But now am able to see the difference of feeling better till late evening.

Shyam KumarCEO - Muktha Laboratories Pvt Ltd

I am consuming Vitty Maxx for the last two months. I find it to be very effective and safe. One of the best veg multivitamins. The delicious taste is what makes it more special and my favourite. I prefer this over the other multivitamin tablets which did not agree with me.

KavitaInvestment Professional

I’ve got an insanely fussy teenage daughter and ten year boy. They are extremely picky when it comes to food and vitamins, But when I gave them Kids Vitty Maxx, to my surprise, they asked for more. My kids absolutely love it. They relish their daily dose of healthy Vitty gummy bear. Thank you, Vitty for creating such a good product.

Shagun AroraMother of two

We received the Vitty Kids multivitamin gummies a couple of months ago and both my 9 year old and 3 year old loved them. The shape of a bear is an added advantage to lure the kids into eating the gummy. Each gummy is individually packed which makes them very travel-friendly. Every parent with kids over 2 years of age should definitely give these a shot, they are holistic with natural colors and sugars. I love the adult variant too ! They are totally worth trying!

Aditi SoniMother of two

Vitty is an amazing product. I always found the way vitamins were consumed was very medical… with the gummies… its fun and a lot more easier to digest.

Sanjeev MehraVice President, Quest Properties India limited

I am a regular consumer of Adult Vitty Maxx for the last several months now. The entire family is consuming this product. One Gummy a day keeps all diseases away.

It is a fantastic Nutrition supplement. You don’t have to scratch your head to figure out what all you have to consume to keep your Nutritional requirements complete.

While I eat healthy food every day, Vitty further enhances my immunity to a great extent.

A great product by Nuvomax Nutritionals at an affordable price of Rs.295/- all inclusive for 20 Gummies packed into a nice plastic container.

You really feel energetic and active throughout the day by taking just one Gummy a day.

The taste is fabulous with Raw Mango & Natural Mango flavour with 23 key nutrients packed into a Gummy!! Wow!!!

R Shankar KrishnanBusiness Consultant, Manipal Global Education Services

My wife and I have been having the Vitty Maxx nutrition gummies regularly for 3 months, fantastic product, and unlike other supplements which we often forgot to take this is so easy and pleasant to taste that we have not missed a single day, also like the fact that with our daily dose of vitamins we get essential minerals like zinc, chromium etc.

Highly recommended.

Mohit MohanManaging Partner, Heads Global Pvt Ltd

I switched from my regular multi vitamin to Adult Vitty Maxx a few months ago and I have definitely felt the difference. The robust formulation of Vitty makes me feel my immunity is much better than before. Moreover, it is a fun way to eat it with awesome taste. I really look forward to eating my daily dose of Vitty. I would one hundred percent recommend them for everyone. Great Stuff!!!

Naman DawarGolf Professional

Whoever said all healthy things don’t taste well never tried the Adult Vitty Maxx gummy… Really nice tasting mango flavor helps you remember to take your daily dose of vitamins.. Very convenient to consume on the go and share with friends as each gummy is smartly wrapped inside the

Amit ChanderSeasoned Health Care Investor

I am a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and also a Yoga professional for almost 2 decades and have trained and coached people from the most affluent background to hard core men from our Armed Services and people from Special Populations as well who need precise fitness, diet and lifestyle help.

With my own background in competitive bodybuilding and with all the knowledge from International certifications I had, I was always wary of these multivitamins and other dietary supplements. So until now I would generally rely on natural sources for all the micronutrients which are so vital for homeostatis and general health. But it is so difficult, especially being Vegetarian, to keep up with the required micro nutrients need, you are literally always on the look out on how to complete your nutrient profile. Like wise I would encourage my personal training members and athletes to do the same and it was quite painful.

With the lockdown in effect one could not move out and the whole scenario has changed and for the first time in my life in my life I thought of trying a multivitamin for myself. Because of inactivity and inappropriate nutrition the lethargy was setting in and I would feel sleepy drowsy and inactive most of the time. Thankfully a friend recommended the Adult Vitty Maxx, and it immediately worked like magic, within one month I started feeling much more energetic and revitalized. I ended up buying 60 boxes (30 kids multivitamin and 30 adults multivitamin) to give to my family and friends as an ultimate gift improve one’s overall wellness.

I recommend them to everyone as it is amazing how one gummy a day fulfills the daily requirements of the essentail micronutrients we generally end up over looking.

I would highly recommend to all especially people living in urban settings.

Rituraj ShuklaHealth Coach, Personal Trainer, and also a Yoga professional

I have to travel a lot for work and do not have a very strong immune system therefore I get Cold & Cough very often usually due to dust allergy and change in Water / Weather. However, for the past couple of months I have been using Vitty Maxx and have not got sick . It has definitely helped build up my immunity and made it stronger. I definitely recommend Vitty Maxx to everyone that has a weak immune system and hates falling sick very often.

Thank you Vitty Maxx for helping me get stronger.

Pritesh JainProprietor, Neelgagan International Inc.

I have been using Adult Vitty Maxx since September 2020. At 54 years of age, a diabetic for last 10 years, my physician found the combination to be the perfect health supplement

Ashish RawatVice President - North & Sub Saharan Africa, Super-Max

I was recommended Calcium and Iron supplements by my doctor. I hated swallowing huge pills and would as a result miss my dosages.

Ever since I learnt about Vitty gummies, my intake had become regular for both Vitty Prime (Iron) and Vitty Bonegud (Calcium). Infact, I look forward to having my daily dosage of gummy as these also taste awesome.

I definitely feel better as my levels have improved significantly. I strongly recommend Vitty products to all.

A big Thank you to Vitty for coming up with such good products.

Sonia SareenInterior Designer

Adult VITTY MAXX, the end of my search for a nutritional health supplement.

In 2020, I joined the FFD programme, where within 6 months I lost 32 Kg weight, and got cured of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, High BP, Thyroid, Cholesterol, TGL, etc. While for a 69 years old person this was great news, I was at the same time extremely concerned and worried whether my changed dietary and exercise lifestyle was able to meet all my nutritional needs, both in the short term as well as the long term. I researched extensively for a suitable nutritional health supplement. In Adult VITTY MAXX, I believe I have found my answer. It has 23 nutrients, the highest number among the competing Indian brands. Moreover, the dosages are as per ICMR guidelines for Indians. My concern with some foreign brands like Centrum was that the higher nutrient contents in them could perhaps lead to excessive and higher doses for me as an Indian, and may not be appropriate. My initial apprehension as regards it being chewable (and not swallowed whole) was quickly overcome by the awesome lingering taste of the hygienic, individually packed gummies. I am happy to recommend this product for everyone who is health conscious.

Sudhir GuptaRetired Professional