VITTY has been founded by alumni of Harvard Business School and IIM Ahmedabad. Using their vast experience of private equity investing in healthcare and of leading and heading consumer companies, they came together to introduce state of the art nutraceutical products in India based on the latest global technology, research and trends in nutrition.

Nuvomax Nutritionals Private Ltd., the company that owns the VITTY brand has defined its purpose as under:

  • To be the best, most respected and fastest growing nutraceutical company and the best place to work in India by constantly exceeding expectations through innovation and operating excellence.
  • To improve the lives of our targeted consumers by providing them with high quality products and services that improve their general overall wellness and health.
  • To allow our employees to grow in an environment of freedom, empowerment, respect that is free of politics but demands the best of them.

Our Values

Nuvomax Nutritionals Private Ltd., the company that owns the VITTY brand has defined its values as under:

  • Passion is the essence of our company. We are committed in heart, mind and spirit to making our company the best. We use our drive, intensity of purpose, discipline and commitment to inspire, engage and energize others.
  • Execution excellence is a core value of our company. High standards are a way of life. We simplify things and keep focused on the basics and fundamentals. We value substance over flash. We do more with less and are very details oriented.
  • We are responsible to consumers who use our products and to doctors and others who recommend our products. We strive to maintain high quality in everything we do to meet their needs. We are always cost conscious and constantly strive to reduce our costs to maintain reasonable prices.
  • We provide our suppliers and distributors an opportunity to make a fair profit.
  • We are responsible to our employees and will empower them. We work towards creating an environment where employees will feel respected and can think big, have fun, learn and constantly grow. Our culture is driven by respect, transparency, teamwork, collaboration and direct feedback. We are open and encourage employees to candidly make suggestions and complaints. We recognize merit and will reward it. We believe our people are the source of our strength and we will invest in their development
  • We believe in integrity. We refrain from making false promises.What we say is what we do. We will always ‘be real’ and do the right thing.
  • We have a very real sense of urgency. We believe in speed. We hate bureaucracy and slow-moving organisations but we require and understand the importance of well defined systems and processes.
  • We believe that constant innovation and improvement in all aspects of our work is the foundation for our success and growth. We must have courage and perseverance in undertaking changes. We take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment with new ideas. We have the courage to accept genuine failure.
  • We are good corporate citizens and responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We will pay our fair share of taxes. We are supportive of safe and sustainable methods of manufacturing that do not degrade the environment and maintain the productivity of our natural resources over time. We do not use ingredients of animal origin in our manufacture.
  • We are finally responsible to our shareholders and believe that business must make a sound profit.